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Real-Time Temperature Monitors


A common approach to monitoring cold environments is to have personnel perform regular temperature checks and record the temperature data. While simple, manual recording rarely provides accurate records and it doesn't comply with the need to continuously monitor. For remote refrigerators/freezers, or equipment that is located in areas not staffed 24/7, it's often impossible.

A common alternative is to install a hard-wired and dedicated central monitoring and alarming system that can be viewed from a PC, and will send notification to pager, PC or cell phone.

However, typical temperature monitoring systems are costly to install - especially if dedicated networks and power are required. The typical centralized system will also require specialized knowledge or personnel to install and maintain, which further adds to the cost of ownership.

It is possible to monitor, record and alarm temperature data accurately and cost-effectively.

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Temprecord Active Display (TAD)
Temprecord Active Display (TAD)
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Thermometer ST6154J